“Understanding life is really remembering stories and making sense of them.”  Eric Hoffman

I’ve had an interesting life so far. My passion for animals and nature led me from teaching, which I loved, to become a noted expert on camelids, the author of a number of natural travel guides and numerous articles on wildlife around the world.

Since childhood, I’ve had an intense curiosity about creatures of all kinds. This early orientation (with a few time-outs for schooling, teaching, courting & making a living) morphed into decades of journeys that have taken me all over the planet as a nature, travel, and adventure writer, as well as a lecturer, and alpaca expert.

This site offers a glimpse of where I have been. I’m hoping its content leads me to more interesting projects through dialogue with writers, editors, scientists, and other nature enthusiasts.

Without a doubt some of the information in some of the articles here is “dated,” and thus categorically historical in nature; while other topics are as current as the day they were written.  I hope you find something of interest.  I’d like to hear from you.