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The International Camelid Quarterly:
The Complete Alpaca Book, Revised 2nd edition


Llama Life II:
The Complete Alpaca Book, 1st edition


CQ Quarterly:
The Complete Alpaca Book, 1st edition



"The Complete Alpaca Book, second revised edition bridges the gap between alpaca breeders and manufacturers. The reader will be able to understand the entire context in which the alpaca is placed in the world today --all the way from birthing a good-quality
alpaca to processing its fleece into a ready made luxury garment.

I highly recommend the second revised edition of The Complete Alpaca Book as the bible for all alpaca owners and breeders, and
as fountain of knowledge for alpaca aficionados around the world."

Derek Michell
CEO, Michell & CIA
Arequipa, Peru
April 2006                                                                                                                                                   

"Traditionally the alpaca textile sector has not had important participation in the breeding of this species. As a result
of efforts  like one made by Mr. Eric Hoffman, a huge potential has been discovered in the industry through engagement
with the producers  in order to achieve substantial improvement in fiber quality, resulting in better prices for producers and
more comfortable garments."

Luis Chavez, general manager, Inca Tops
Arequipa, Peru
June 2004



International Camelid Quarterly:
The Alpaca Evaluation: A Guide for Owners and Breeders


Alpacas Magazine
The Alpaca Evaluation: A Guide for Owners and Breeders

Renegade Houses
A Free-Thinker's Guide to Innovative Owner-Built Homes

"This Book is an anthem to the American spirit. It gives substance to words like 'inventive' and resourceful' and 'practical.'
As more of us become less able to afford what the market place offers, Hoffman points the way to alternative that are persoanl, practical, and affordable."

Robert L. Judd,
Director of the Office of Appropriate Technology for
the State of California

"It's about time someone told the story of people who solve their housing problems in novel ways.
This book shows that American ingenuity is alive and well in the work of these owner-builders."

Langdon Winner,
author of Autonomous Technology

"This book shows house-buildng can be as creative and fun as music-making. The only limitation for both is lack of imagination."

Joe Cocker

Adventuring in Australia
Published by Sierra Club Books